Looking for new, unique games for your festivals, schools, or fairs, that are outside the box creative and fun?

Welcome to Step Right Up Games!

Each game is operated and run by staff so you can focus on your event. Check out below what we have.

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This four player multi backdrop inflatable shooting gallery is a blast. Choose from 3 fun backgrounds to play on. Each background comes with high tech sensory targets that keep score on the portable score clock. Challenge your friend as you try to gain the most points for your team as the clock counts down. You can be the best shot there is using our nerf guns, with sponge pellets. After the time is up, reset and play again. See background options below.

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Our Crazy Cannon uses Air pressure to fire objects across a field. Our favourite use is to load it with Candy and have a Candy Scramble. Lots of fun! Parents especially Dad’s really enjoy this and are able to fire the cannon too! Just fun to shoot with and hit targets as well. Comes, with everything you need, you supply the candy.

Ever wish you could play your favorite mobile game in the real world? Now you can welcome a life size version of your favorite game!!! Using a 3 person slingshot fire the birds at cardboard fortresses the other team has built. Can you hit all the piggies and destroy their castle?

Face Painting and Balloon Art

No festival is complete without balloons or face painting. Twist and Tie Balloons, and or Art Brush Designs can be hired to come out with Joe to any event.
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